Secure Login with One-Time Password (OTP)

One-Time Password(OTP) is available on WP-SMS for verifying customers’ mobile. You can use it just for the registration form and WooCommerce checkout.


OTP for WordPress


WordPress OTP allows you to verify your mobile number by sending a one-time password to the users that entered the mobile number. You can verify your mobile number on the WordPress default form.

To use this feature, follow the below instruction:

  1. Go to WP-SMS
  2. Navigate to Professional
  3. Click on WordPress and check out the options:

Login with OTP Status
If you are using the WordPress default form, you are able to login with OTP by verifying your mobile number in the login form.

OTP Method
This option lets you choose the method of using OTP. You can enable it for all users, or it can be optional and choosable by users.

OTP Run-time
Here you can set a run-time for OTP.

Message Content
In this field, you can write the message for your OTP SMS.

OTP for WooCommerce


WooCommerce OTP SMS Verification with registration form is available on WP-SMS and you can simply use it if you have installed the WooCommerce plugin.

Follow the below steps to change the options:

  1. Go to WP-SMS
  2. Navigate to Professional
  3. Click on WooCommerce

– OTP Verification
Set this option to active, so you can have OTP Verification on Orders. But make sure the mobile field should be activated.

Countries Whitelist
You can add some countries to be included on your OTP list.

Retries Expire Time in Hours
Here you can set a time for retrying sending SMS once the users reached max retries.

SMS Text
In this field, you can write the message for your OTP SMS.


– Do I need the pro pack to enable the automatic sending of an SMS for an order placed online?
WooCommerce OTP on orders is available only on our pro version. Make sure your license is activated.

– Can I auto send an SMS after a customer has completed his order online?
Yes, it is possible to do that.

– Is the OTP SMS Verification with Woocommerce registration form available on the plugin?
Yes, it is available on both versions of the plugin.

– Does this feature have the ability to login via phone number with OTP for WooCommerce?
Please note that login with mobile differs from OTP. As you know, OTP means One-Time Password.

– Is there any way to autofill the OTP Mobile Field from Billing Phone Field?
No, it is not possible to do that.

– How can I send OTP SMS mobile verification with other plugins (like the bookly plugin) and WooCommerce?
If the plugin uses the WooCommerce checkout form, it’s possible and there is a popup form to do so.

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