WordPress SMS Add-Ons

Add-Ons have some special features that are not available on the WP SMS Pro (Pro Pack)

WP SMS Booking Integrations

WP SMS Booking Integrations is a powerful add-on for WP SMS that enables you to send and receive SMS notifications for your WordPress booking system. This add-on is compatible with some of the most popular booking plugins for WordPress, including BookingPress, WooCommerce Appointments, and Booking Calendar.

WP SMS Fluent Integrations

Looking to boost your WordPress SMS notifications? Meet WP SMS Fluent Integrations, the perfect add-on for WP SMS. It effortlessly connects your WordPress website to Fluent CRM, Fluent Forms, and Fluent Support for improved communication.

WP SMS Elementor

Get ready to supercharge your Elementor forms with the WP SMS Elementor add-on! It's the easiest way to send SMS notifications to specific phone numbers when someone fills out your form.

WP SMS Membership Integrations

Make your membership site communication even better with our WP SMS Membership Integrations add-on

WP SMS Two-Way

Easily receive SMS messages from your subscribers or clients with the WP SMS Two-Way add-on. This feature allows you to enable incoming messages on the inbox page.

WP SMS WooCommerce Pro

Enhance your online store with a suite of SMS-based functionalities: Login, register, and reset passwords via SMS, verify mobile numbers during checkout, launch SMS marketing campaigns, manage abandoned cart and shipping notifications through SMS.

WP SMS Twilio Pro

Fully compatible with the Twilio features such as managing incoming, outcoming calls, scheduling calls, etc with WordPress!