Power of SMS for Tracking orders in WooCommerce

A crucial factor in the success of e-commerce companies is real-time shipping tracking. It has become essential to offer timely and reliable tracking information since customers are demanding quicker updates on their shipments. WooCommerce, one of the top e-commerce platforms, is extremely important for online merchants. The ability of SMS for real-time WooCommerce tracking will […]

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Why Two-Way Messaging is Essential for Your Business?

Businesses must be able to interact with their consumers in a timely and effective manner in today’s digital world. Two-way texting is one method for accomplishing this. Businesses may participate in real-time dialogues with their consumers via two-way messaging, giving a more customized and dynamic experience. WordPress, one of the world’s most popular website platforms, […]

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Win Back Lost Customers with Abandoned Cart SMS

Online shopping cart that customers have filled with products but have not checked out are referred to as Abandoned cart. For online businesses, recovering these abandoned carts is essential since it may result in more sales and more devoted customers. Studies show that roughly 70% of customers abandon their shopping cart, underscoring the necessity for […]

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WP SMS Gets an Upgrade to V6.1: What’s New?

We wanted to share with you the significant modifications that have been made with the release of the most recent version of our WP SMS Plugin. Some of the improvements are: Our plugins, including WP SMS, WP SMS Pro, WP SMS Woocommerce Pro, and WP SMS Two-Way, have all been upgraded. As a result, you […]

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Use Popup to Enhance SMS Subscriber Collection using WP SMS in WordPress

Are you looking for an effective way to collect customer information for your SMS newsletter? Look no further than using a Popup with the WP SMS plugin. With just a few clicks, you can create and customize a Popup on your WordPress website that collects customer information for your SMS newsletter. This guide will walk […]

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New version of WP SMS WordPress Plugin

Improvements and New Features in WP SMS: V5.9 and V5.9.1

Hello and welcome to our latest update for WP SMS! We’ve been working hard to bring you some new features and improvements based on your feedback and support. In this post, we’ll go through the details of what’s new in our latest releases, V5.9 and V5.9.1. We’re excited to announce that we’ve added Zapier integration […]

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Connect Twilio to WordPress using WP SMS WordPress plugin

4 Best WordPress SMS Plugins for Twilio 2022

A Twilio plugin for WordPress handles all things SMS text messaging, so you don’t have to look out for one anymore. The best Twilio plugins WordPress users could possibly ask for are the ones we are introducing to you in this article, picking out the best of 2022. Let’s not jump to conclusions and try to […]

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New Pricing Plan in April 2022!

In response to market changes, we are updating WP SMS Pro pricing and adjusting plans and pricing. The subscription plan will be released in the second week of April. We strive to provide the best quality products and services to our customers to ensure their satisfaction. Like always, we do our best to deliver the […]

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New version of WP SMS WordPress Plugin

WP SMS Pro v2.4.0

WP SMS Pro v2.4.0 is ready! Let’s check what changes this version offers: 1. Choose a field to get the mobile numbers A new option of choosing the field from which numbers can be taken and sending messages to these numbers is added to the Woo Commerce checkout page. Numbers can be taken from the […]

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Important Note Before Updating To WP SMS Pro v3.2.1

The pro pack name always should be “wp-sms-pro”, but it was released as “wp-sms-pro-v3.2”, which caused the pro pack’s features to be disabled on the settings page. The following solutions should be used before updating to the new version, which also fixes the naming error: 1. Upgrade Manually Please disable and then delete wp-sms-pro-v3.2 on […]

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