How to Enable Quick Reply SMS For a Custom Number in WordPress Admin?

Updated on Aug 20, 2022

1. Call the function:

To enable the quick reply feature for a number or a group of subscribers, first, you must call <a href="" title="wp_sms_render_quick_reply()">wp_sms_render_quick_reply()</a> function where the user’s number or the group name is printed in the front-end files.

2. Echo the template:

Then you must echo the following helper on the front-end page that you want to load the quick reply template:


Like this:

<div id="wpwrap">

    <?php echo Helper::loadTemplate('admin/quick-reply.php', array('reload' => 'true')); ?>

    <p><?php wp_sms_render_quick_reply('+12025550191'); ?></p>