Updated on Feb 25, 2022


The Settings page is for managing the whole plugin settings but only on the Free version.

We have tabs here and you can set settings for each one that you need to use.


Here you can set the default admin mobile number and mobile country code, the default number is for SMS notifications.

Enable/Disable GPDR Enhancements (if enabled, the privacy page will appear)

Note*: The mobile country code does not require use if your numbers are saved with the country code like “+1”.


This tab is one of the important settings that we must set and if not, you can’t send SMS anymore.

Read the Quick Start related article to manage this tab.


SMS Newsletter

You can add the SMS Newsletter form in your theme by Widget or Gutenberg block


You can manage what features you want to be enabled.

  • Mobile field meta for the user, add a mobile number to user profile, and registration form.
  • International Telephone Input to make the mobile field as intel input library.
  • Rest API, to make it possible usable.



Manage easily what action and what notification messages you want to receive.

You can edit the message on every notification and if available the receiver number can receive on a specific number(s) if you want to.

Under each textarea, we made a description for knowing what variables can use on them, please attention to them and each one is different.




The important thing is the integration of the WP-SMS plugin with other plugins, right?

So we’ve made these useful options based on popular plugins that you’ve requested them to.

Of course, this integration is not about 3 or 4 only plugins, here is the free version of WP-SMS!

For more integration please check this Professional Settings article to manage more integration with more plugins!