WP SMS Outbox: Manage Sent Messages

Updated on Apr 30, 2024

If you’re using the WP SMS plugin to send SMS messages, the Outbox is an essential tool for tracking the status of your communications and ensuring that they are being delivered as intended.

Outbox of WPSMS

Manage Messages in Outbox

Under each row in the Outbox, you’ll find a Resend button that allows you to quickly and easily resend any SMS message that has been previously sent through the WP SMS plugin. This is a useful feature for those times when you need to send a message to someone again for any reason, such as if the original message was not delivered or if you need to update the content of the message. To resend a message, simply click on the Resend and the message will be sent again using the same settings and configurations as the original message.

In addition to the Resend feature, the Outbox in the WP SMS plugin also allows you to delete individual or multiple SMS messages as needed. To delete a single message, simply click on the Delete button next to the Resend in the Outbox. To delete multiple messages at once, use the checkboxes to select the messages you want to delete, and then click on the ‘Bulk Actions‘ dropdown menu and select ‘Delete’. This is a convenient way to clean up your Outbox and keep it organized, especially if you have a large number of sent or scheduled SMS messages.