Setting the Mobile Field Source for Collecting Numbers

Updated on Mar 03, 2024

This guide helps you choose how to collect phone numbers on your website. Whether you’re sending updates or special offers, you need a simple way to gather these numbers. You can pick from several options to make sure you’re getting phone numbers where it fits best with your site—like during sign up, at checkout, or not at all if you choose to disable it. Let’s make sure you know your choices so you can start reaching out to users directly through their phones.

You’ll find these settings under Settings -> General -> Mobile Number Field Source in your WordPress dashboard.

Options for Collecting Phone Numbers

WordPress Options

  • Disable: Choose this if you don’t want to collect phone numbers automatically. You might already have a system in place or prefer another method.
  • Insert a Phone Number Field into User Profiles: This is the go-to option. It adds a spot for phone numbers in user profiles, so when someone signs up or updates their info, they can share their number with you.

WooCommerce Options

  • Add a Phone Number Field to Billing and Checkout Pages: If you run a shop, this lets you collect numbers during the purchase process. It’s handy for sending order updates or deals.
  • Use the Existing Billing Phone Field: This keeps things simple by using the phone number field already in WooCommerce for billing. If customers put in their number there, you can use it for your messages.

BuddyPress Options

  • Insert a Mobile Number Field into Profiles: Enhances social sites by adding a specific field for mobile numbers in BuddyPress profiles.
  • Use the Existing Profile Phone Field: Leverages an already existing phone field in BuddyPress profiles, making it easy to collect numbers without additional fields.

Paid Membership Pro

  • Use the Existing Profile Phone Field: Similar to BuddyPress, this option uses the phone field already available in user profiles for sites utilizing Paid Membership Pro.

Unlimited Member

  • Use the Phone Field from the Registration Form: If you use Unlimited Member for sign-ups, this option grabs the phone number users enter there, making it easy to send them texts.

Looking for another option?

If these don’t fit or you use another plugin, let us know. We’re here to help get you set up for easy phone number collection.