Updated on May 01, 2019


According to Article 17 GDPR, the user (data subject) shall have the right to obtain his/her data or have them erased and forgotten.

In Privacy page WP-SMS plugin you can export the user’s data or erase his/her data in the case she/he asks.

For more information, read Article 17 GDPR.


In this page, you can export or delete only the user data related to WP-SMS plugin.

For doing the same for your whole WordPress, see the “Export Personal Data” or “Erase Personal Data” pages.


Enable Privacy Page

To enable this page, you just go to: “WP-SMS > Settings > General” and in the Privacy section, mark the “GDPR Enhancements” option and save settings.

After that, you will see the Privacy page link on your dashboard WP-SMS menu.