Configuring the ‘Admin Mobile Number’

Updated on Mar 28, 2024

To stay informed about key activities on your WordPress site, you’ll need to set up the ‘Admin Mobile Number’ in the WP SMS plugin. This setting is found under ‘Settings -> General -> Administrator Notifications‘ and is where you’ll receive important SMS notifications.

Setting the Country Code Prefix

Your ‘Admin Mobile Number’ should be set with a country code to ensure you receive notifications without any issues.

  • With Country Code: Choose your country code from the ‘Country Code Prefix’ dropdown, then enter your mobile number without the country code in the ‘Admin Mobile Number’ field. For instance, select ‘+1’ and then type ‘8055170000’.
  • Without Country Code: If you opt to enter your full number including the country code in the mobile number field, input it in the international format, such as ‘+18055170000’, and select ‘No country code (Global)’ as your prefix option.

Remember, you can only set one admin mobile number for receiving notifications.

Usage of the Admin Mobile Number

This number is integral to the WP SMS plugin, as it is used to send notifications for:

  • The new release of WordPress: Alerts you when there is a new WordPress update available.
  • Register a new user (For admin): Notifies you when a new user registers on your site.
  • New Comment Notification: Sends an alert when there is a new comment on your posts.
  • User Login Notification: Informs you whenever a user logs into your site.

You have the flexibility to enable, disable, and configure these notifications to your liking under ‘Settings -> Notifications‘.