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Telnyx Gateway Configuration

Updated on Feb 24, 2021

For sending SMS with Telnyx Gateway and WP SMS plugin, first of all, please check out the below link: https://developers.telnyx.com/docs/api/v1/overview#introduction

After reading the instructions, go to the gateway field on WP SMS Settings. There are four fields on our settings to fill: API User, API Password, Sender Number, and API Key. The names of these fields are different in Telnyx Panel.

On your gateway, you need your email address, Telnyx Token, and Telnyx API V1 Profile Secret.

To find out these values, follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to your Telnyx account.
  2. Get your API User (Email Address) and Token from https://portal.telnyx.com/#/app/auth/api-tokens
  3. Go to this link, and on the profile info section, select API V1
  4. Copy your API V1 profile secret
  5. Go to your WordPress Admin Panel
  6. On the Dashboard Sidebar Menu go to WP SMS Plugin » Settings » Gateway
  7. Write down Your Email Address on the API Username field
  8. Add your Telnyx Token to API Password
  9. Paste API V1 profile secret to API Key field
  10. Finally, Save Changes to see Gateway Status is activated!

Telnyx Gateway & WP SMS Plugin