General Settings

Updated on Mar 28, 2024

Administrator Notifications

Admin Mobile Number: This field is for entering the mobile number where the administrator will receive notifications.

  • Use Case: For instance, if you want to be alerted via SMS when new subscribers join, enter your mobile number here.

Country Code Prefix: Select the country code for the administrator’s mobile number. If the number is not specific to any country, select ‘No country code (Global)’.

  • Use Case: If your mobile number is from the United States, you would select ‘+1’ to ensure proper format and delivery of notifications.

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Mobile Field Configuration

Mobile Number Field Source: Choose whether to add a mobile number field to billing and checkout pages or use an existing field.

  • Use Case: If you’re running an e-commerce site, selecting ‘Add a mobile number field to billing and checkout pages’ enables you to collect customer numbers at checkout for order updates.

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Mobile Field Mandatory Status: Set the mobile number field as optional or required.

  • Use Case: If it’s critical to have customers’ mobile numbers for delivery updates, set this to ‘Required’.

Mobile Field Placeholder: Provide an example format for the mobile number that users will see.

  • Use Case: Entering an example like ‘+1234567890’ guides users in providing their number in international format.

International Number Input: When active, adds a dropdown for international format support in the mobile number input field.

  • Use Case: For businesses with an international customer base, activating this ensures that customers can easily add their country code when entering their mobile number.

Only Countries: Limit the dropdown to display only specific countries.

  • Use Case: If your service is only available in certain countries, you would select those here to prevent other countries’ numbers from being entered.

Preferred Countries: Specify the countries to appear at the top of the list in the dropdown.

  • Use Case: If most of your customers are from India and Iran, adding these countries here makes it faster for them to fill out their information.

Minimum Length Number: Specify the shortest allowed mobile number.

  • Use Case: To prevent incorrect number entries, set this to the minimum length of mobile numbers in your primary market.

Maximum Length Number: Specify the longest allowed mobile number.

  • Use Case: This prevents the entry of overly long numbers that are likely to be invalid.

Data Protection Settings

GDPR Compliance Enhancements: Enhance compliance by enabling user data export and deletion via mobile number and adding a consent checkbox for SMS newsletter subscriptions.

  • Use Case: If you operate within the EU, or have EU customers, enabling this setting helps in adhering to GDPR requirements by allowing users to manage their data and subscriptions.