SMS Newsletter Settings

Updated on Mar 28, 2024

SMS Newsletter Configuration

This section allows you to manage the subscription form and group settings for your SMS newsletter.

  • Group Visibility in Form: When active, this setting displays the available groups on the subscription form. Subscribers can see which groups they can join.
    • Use Case: For a website offering tutorials in Photoshop, Illustration, and After Effects, enabling this allows subscribers to choose which specific news and updates they want to receive.
  • Group Selection: Allows subscribers to join multiple groups from the form. This is ideal if you offer content in several categories.
    • Use Case: A subscriber interested in both Photography and Graphic Design can opt to receive updates for both by checking the relevant boxes on the subscription form.
  • Groups to Display: Select which groups appear on the subscription form, providing control over what options subscribers have.
  • Default Group for New Subscribers: Set a group that all new subscribers will join by default, ensuring they automatically receive updates from this group.
    • Use Case: You may set ‘All’ as the default to ensure everyone gets general updates, and then they can opt-in for more specific groups as desired.
  • Subscription Confirmation: When active, subscribers must enter a code received by SMS to complete their subscription. This helps to validate the phone number and consent.
    • Use Case: To combat spam and ensure the validity of subscriptions, enable this so users must verify their subscription with a code sent to their phone.

Welcome SMS Setup

Customize the experience for new subscribers with a personalized welcome SMS.

  • Status: Toggle to activate or deactivate the sending of a welcome SMS to new subscribers.
    • Use Case: If you want to greet new subscribers and confirm their subscription, keep this active.
  • Welcome Message Content: Craft the message that new subscribers will receive. Use placeholders for personalized details such as name, mobile number, group, and subscription date.
    • Use Case: A personalized welcome message enhances the user experience and can include details like their name or the group they subscribed to, making them feel valued.

Appearance Customization

Adjust how the subscription form looks on your site.

  • Disable Default Form Styling: If active, it removes the plugin’s default styling from the subscription form.
    • Use Case: Activate this if you want to apply your own custom CSS styling to the subscription form to match your site’s design.

Data Protection Settings

Ensure compliance with data protection laws by customizing how you gather consent.

  • Consent Text: Provide a clear message informing subscribers about the use of their data and obtaining their consent.
    • Use Case: Input a message like “I agree to receive SMS notifications and understand that my data will be handled according to the privacy policy.”
  • Checkbox Default: Set the default state of the consent checkbox on the subscription form.
    • Use Case: For compliance with data protection laws like GDPR, you might want to set this as ‘Unchecked’ to ensure users actively agree to your terms.