Advanced Settings

Updated on Mar 30, 2024

Administrative Reporting

SMS Performance Reports

  • Active: Select this option to receive weekly email reports containing statistics about the SMS performance. This is useful for monitoring the success rate of your SMS outreach.

SMS Transmission Error Alerts

  • Active: Enable this to receive email notifications in case of SMS transmission failures. This allows for prompt troubleshooting when issues occur.

URL Shortening via Bitly

Shorten URLs

  • Active: Activate this to automatically convert all URLs within your SMS messages to shortened versions using Bitly. This can help keep your messages concise.

Bitly API Key

  • Bitly API Key: Enter your Bitly API key here. This key is necessary for integrating Bitly’s URL shortening service with your SMS messages. Obtain it from Bitly API Settings.

Webhooks Configuration

Outgoing SMS Webhook

  • Configure the Webhook URL to which notifications are sent after an SMS dispatch from your system. Ensure this URL is secure (HTTPS).

Subscriber Registration Webhook

  • Provide the Webhook URL that will be triggered when a new subscriber registers. It’s important that this URL uses the HTTPS protocol for security.

Incoming SMS Handling Webhook

  • Define the Webhook URL for the “Two-Way SMS add-on” that handles incoming SMS messages. Only secure HTTPS URLs are accepted.

Note: Separate lines for each Webhook URL can be used if you’re setting up more than one.

Google reCAPTCHA Integration


  • Active: Check this to enable Google reCAPTCHA for your SMS requests. reCAPTCHA helps to prevent automated software from engaging in abusive activities on your site.

Site Key

  • Site Key: Enter your public site key provided by Google reCAPTCHA. This key is used in the HTML code of your site to display the reCAPTCHA widget.

Secret Key

  • Secret Key: Enter your secret key here. This key is used for communication between your server and the reCAPTCHA server, and it should never be exposed publicly.