SMS Gateway Settings

Updated on Mar 28, 2024

SMS Gateway Setup

After selecting your preferred SMS Gateway, you will see several fields that need to be completed in order to integrate WP SMS with your chosen gateway. The exact fields will vary depending on the gateway you choose, but they typically include:

  • Account SID: This is a unique identifier provided by your SMS gateway service. It is used to establish a secure connection between your WordPress site and the gateway.
    • Use Case: Enter the SID given by your gateway here to ensure proper setup and communication.
  • Auth Token: This is a secure key that, together with the Account SID, authenticates your connection to the SMS gateway.
    • Use Case: Paste the token you received from your SMS gateway here. It is crucial for the security and privacy of your SMS communications.
  • Sender Number: This is the number that your messages will be sent from. It could be a number provided by the gateway or a customizable sender ID.
    • Use Case: Fill in this field with the number or ID given by your SMS gateway. This is the number that recipients will see when they get a message from you.

Depending on the gateway, there may be additional fields such as:

  • Sender Name: A customizable name that appears as the sender of the SMS instead of a number.
  • Sub-account SID: For use when managing multiple departments or sites through one gateway, each with its own sub-account.

Gateway Overview

This section provides a snapshot of the current status and capabilities of your SMS gateway integration, such as:

  • Status: Shows whether the gateway is active and properly configured.
  • Balance / Credit: Displays the available balance or credits in your account with the SMS gateway.
  • Incoming Message: Indicates whether the capability to receive SMS messages is set up.
  • Send Bulk SMS: Confirms if you can send SMS messages to multiple recipients at once.
  • Send SMS: Tells you if the system is ready to send out individual SMS messages.

Account Balance Visibility

Here you can configure the visibility of your SMS gateway account balance within your WordPress dashboard:

  • Admin Menu Display: Activating this shows your balance directly in the admin menu for convenience.
  • SMS Page Display: When active, this setting displays your balance on the SMS sending page, helping you to keep track of your credits while managing campaigns.

SMS Configuration

Configure how SMS messages are sent and managed:

  • Delivery Method: Choose from instant delivery, scheduled, or batch sending options.
  • Unicode Messaging: Enable this to send messages in languages that use non-English characters.
  • Number Formatting: This option cleans up the phone numbers entered, removing any spaces to ensure proper message delivery.
  • Restrict to Local Numbers: Keep this active to limit outgoing SMS to domestic numbers to avoid international charges.
  • Allowed Countries for SMS: Select specific countries if you want to restrict where messages can be sent.