Contact Form 7 and WP SMS Integration

Updated on Apr 16, 2024

WP SMS is compatible with Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, and Quform. They all enable you to send SMS after integrating with WP SMS. Contact Form 7 is a popular WordPress plugin that allows you to create forms on your website. When you integrate WP SMS Pro with Contact Form 7, you can set up SMS notifications and alerts to be sent to users after they submit a form.

Integrate WP SMS with Contact Form 7

The Contact Form 7 plugin needs to be activated in order to start sending an SMS with WP-SMS options. After activating it, go to SMS → Integrations in the WordPress Admin Bar.

Now you need to activate the SMS Notification Metabox on Contact Form 7 section. This will add WP SMS options to the Contact Form 7 plugin.

Then, go to Contact → Contact Forms from the WordPress Admin Bar and select the form you want to configure.
Integrate WP SMS with Contact Form 7

On the selected form, choose SMS Notification.

Every form you create in Contact Form 7 has two sections. To put it another way, you can send SMS in three different ways. It is possible to send SMS either to one or multiple numbers, to one or more subscriber groups, or to a field of the form.

Send an SMS to Numbers

  1. Enter one or several numbers to send the SMS to.
  2. Add a message body containing the text of the SMS message.

Send an SMS to Subscriber groups

Just select one or multiple subscriber groups.

Send an SMS to Field

  1. Type the field name you want to receive an SMS after submission. It sends an SMS to the value of the chosen field
  2. Then, add a text you want to send in the message body field.

Important Note

Please make sure you use %%

Currently, WP SMS is integrated with Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, and Quform. If you are using any other form plugin and want to integrate it with WP SMS, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help you get the most out of your forms and improve your communication with your users.