Text Message Marketing Practices: 2024 Guide + 3 Top Platforms & Tips

Text Message Marketing Practices

No wonder why many businesses still focus on improving their text message marketing strategies along with other ways of marketing. While text marketing is recognized as the simplest way of promoting your business, don’t underestimate the important factors that directly impact your performance. To mention these factors we can name, conversion rates, open rates

click-through rates (CTR), opt-in and opt-out rates, response rates, and many more.

That’s why these are known as the best metrics to track SMS campaigns and analyze your performance. Honestly, a great SMS marketing strategy should catch customers’ attention at a glance and should create a situation for them to perform their desired action.

Now, let’s explore suggested text message marketing practices and introduce the top platforms you might need.

What Are The SMS Marketing Best Practices?

In my opinion, two considered concepts in SMS marketing come into the table: User Experience and Engagement. Each of them requires specific SMS text marketing tactics to effectively engage and satisfy customers. For instance, using personalized SMS for engagement can build a closer connection with subscribers and emphasize how much your brand values them.

Here, we’re going to introduce some of the top text message marketing practices.

Getting The Customer’s Consent

Before you do anything to drive more subscribers to your website, make sure to get their permission in order to send text messages. You might be wondering what would happen if you didn’t obey the rule. If marketing teams don’t get customers’ permission, they might face the risk of customers marking a company’s messages as spam. 

To avoid this risk, you need to start a meaningful conversation in a way that is consistent with what the customer believes, and based on their interest. In other words, if you want to drive traffic with SMS marketing you should customize your messages to align closely with your audience’s preferences and needs.

Use Simple Text Messages

It might seem easy at first, but it’s known as one of the important factors of text message marketing practices. As text messages have a high average read rate, it’s important to consider using short text messages. Users don’t like long paragraphs, complex texts, and unnecessary content. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your sentences to a maximum of 20 words and break your paragraphs into smaller chunks. 

It helps them focus on your SMS messages, accurately decide whether to read the whole message and take actions such as signing up. Did you know it also affects your conversion rate?! Here you can learn other ways to increase your conversion rates through SMS marketing.

Provide A Unique Offer And Create Incentives

It’s almost impossible to find someone who isn’t excited when you offer them unique promo or discount codes. Especially in cases where customers love your brand and are eagerly seeking an opportunity to sign up through your SMS message links. You should segment your customers and create a subscriber list based on their location, behavior, interest, and more. 

Then you can consider an exclusive coupon code for those special members and encourage them to make purchases or engage further with your brand. This part could also be a great aspect of text message marketing practices if you are a little more creative in encouraging people by offering promo or discount codes.

What Are The Top Platforms For SMS Marketing?

These three tips above can help you improve your strategy and get better results, but that doesn’t mean they’re quite enough. Sometimes working alone isn’t sufficient to achieve the desired outcome. In this case, we want to showcase three top platforms that impact your text message marketing practices and facilitate your efforts.

  1. WP SMS Pro
WP SMS homepage

WP SMS Pro is a WordPress plugin that offers powerful SMS marketing capabilities directly within the WordPress platform. It enables users to send SMS notifications, reminders, and promotional messages to their subscribers or customers. With WP SMS Pro, you can easily integrate SMS functionality into your WordPress website, allowing you to reach your audience more effectively.

Some key features of WP SMS Pro include:

  • WP SMS Two-Way tool
  • Advanced Send SMS page to customize your preferences
  • Login and register with SMS
  • Supports more than 300 SMS gateways 
  • SMS Newsletter
  • Manage Subscribers
  • Scheduled and Repeating SMS
  • Options for users to opt out of SMS messages through a widget or URL
  • Safe outbox SMS page

Through WP SMS Pro your text message marketing practices will be much easier, cause you’ll be able to get the report daily, weekly, and monthly. Besides, their free plan for beginners, which includes 6 integrated plugins and 213 supported gateways, creates a great opportunity for those who want to explore WP SMS functions.

  1. Nextiva
Nextiva homepage

Nextiva is a robust platform that offers comprehensive solutions for businesses, including SMS marketing capabilities. With Nextiva, businesses can efficiently manage customer communications and marketing campaigns through its integrated CRM system. In addition to SMS marketing, Nextiva provides a range of communication tools such as fax services, team messaging, VOIP phone calls, and video conferencing.

Here are some of Nextvia’s top features:

  • Multi-Channel Communication
  • Integrated CRM System
  • Call Center Software
  • Cloud-Based Platform
  • Built-in Help Desk
  1. OptinMonster
OptinMonster homepage

OptinMonster platform is a leading conversion optimization software that helps businesses convert website visitors into subscribers and customers. It offers a variety of opt-in forms such as pop-ups, slide-ins, and floating bars, which can be easily customized to match the branding and design of any website. With features like advanced targeting, A/B testing, and seamless integrations with email marketing platforms, OptinMonster lets businesses capture more leads, increase engagement, and drive sales.

Some of OptinMonster’s outstanding features:

  • A/B testing
  • Variety of Opt-In Forms
  • Advanced Targeting Options
  • Exit-Intent Technology

This platform can also help you improve your text message marketing practices.


As you can see text message marketing practices play a crucial role in engaging customers, driving conversions, and boosting sales for businesses of all sizes. You can its effect in all aspects of SMS marketing, including opt-in and opt-out rates, response rates, conversion rates, and other metrics. That’s why you should try various approaches that align with your business goals to discover your own unique strategy. 

It’s crucial to maintain balance in your tactics and avoid over-reliance on any single method, as this can lead to disappointment.

To refine your strategies, consider using reliable WordPress plugins for SMS marketing. For example, WP SMS Pro offers all the necessary and user-friendly tools for customers seeking a comprehensive package. 


What Are The Best Text Message Marketing Practices?

Some of these effective methods include getting customer consent, using simple text messages, providing unique offers, considering relevant events, segmenting your audience, and more.

Can You Use A Platform To Improve Your SMS Text Marketing Strategy?

Yes, absolutely. Using trustable platforms can greatly improve your SMS text marketing strategy. Platforms like WP SMS Pro, OptinMonster, and others offer a wide range of features and tools specifically designed to refine and optimize your SMS marketing strategies.