Maximizing Conversion Rates with SMS Marketing and WooCommerce on WordPress

When it comes to increasing conversion rates through SMS marketing, you might think it’s challenging to get significant results. Honestly, driving more sales through marketing strategies is a dream for most marketers. But what if you could boost both sales and the number of visitors simultaneously? However, one of the most common ways to do it is to drive traffic with SMS marketing, though there are also other methods. SMS marketing is an affordable way of marketing, but it may not be effective on its own. Several factors may lead to the lack of conversions in your campaigns.

 It could be derived from your ineffective content, not being direct enough with your customers, and not targeting the right audiences. Whatever it is, you should identify the issue, then put your hands in ours, and let’s tackle it together. WP SMS Pro is your comprehensive solution for efficient and targeted SMS marketing campaigns, offering user-friendly features and focusing on increasing conversion rates. In this article, we will discuss how to boost your conversion rates through SMS marketing. 

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Maximize your E-commerce conversion rates with WP SMS Pro

What Is SMS Conversion Rate And How To Measure SMS Conversion Rates?

The first question that may come to your mind is, “What’s the SMS conversion rate?” 

To clarify its definition: Conversion rate refers to the percentage of visitors or users who have completed a desired action. It could be clicking on an advertisement or pop-ups. 

The success of a business’s online advertising campaigns is directly associated with its conversion rate—the higher the conversion rate, the more successful the campaigns.

It helps you compare and contrast the performance of several advertising channels.

To measure conversion rates through SMS marketing, you need to follow the formula above, which involves:

Calculate conversion rate

Track The Links You Share Via Text

It’s important to use accessible and unique URLs in your SMS messages. Through some services like Bitly, you’re able to create shortened, trackable links. You can customize these links to access more details like analytics on clicks, user’s location, and the devices they use.

Use Unique Promo Or Discount Codes

Did you know that using distinct promo or discount codes can attract people to your business? It encourages them to click on your links and explore your products, even if they don’t have an immediate intention to make a purchase. Consider offering exclusive discount codes via SMS, such as 10-20% off. Remember to Monitor the usage of these codes within your WooCommerce dashboard.

Measure Offline Or Unique Conversions

If you have physical stores, encourage customers to visit your stores and provide promo codes they can use in person. Generate QR codes which are for your SMS campaigns. Once your customers scan these codes in-store, you’ll be able to track offline conversions associated with your SMS efforts.

Integrate SMS With Other Tools To Measure Conversions

Another way to measure conversion rates through SMS marketing is by connecting your SMS marketing platform with your CRM system. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a way of managing all interactions between your company and customers. It helps you consolidate customer data, stay connected to them, track interactions, and improve profitability. Using analytics tools like Google Analytics lets you measure and track your performances on your website. 

Through using it, you can analyze various aspects of website and app performance, including conversion rate, click-through-rate, traffic sources, and many more details. Moreover, using powerful WP plugins, such as WooCommerce, allows you to send SMS notifications to individual customers about their specific orders and track performance with comprehensive reports. 

WooCommerce plugin in WP SMS

Here, you can learn how to get started with WooCommerce through WP SMS Pro.

Integrate SMS with WP SMS Pro’s WordPress plugins

How To Improve The Conversion Rate Of Your SMS Campaigns?

To improve your conversion rates through SMS marketing, you should try basic methods like personalized SMS for engagement. It allows you to aim for the right audience and increase the chance of getting their response. As you might be aware, its outstanding results—98% open rate, with 95% opening within three minutes—can capture anyone’s attention and make them consider this approach more seriously. Additionally, it can boost your conversion rate; that’s why we want to show you how to improve it.


If you want to be more professional and get your desired results, you should know your customer’s interests and behavior. That’s why you need to categorize them based on demographics, purchase history, behavior, location, and other personal details. For instance, if you want to notify a specific customer about a new limited-time offer, mention their name, recommend products based on their preferences, and include a personal touch that reminds them of your brand. 

Clear Call-To-Action

You might have no idea how these short texts can tempt users to perform any related actions.

Use compelling language and prompts to write your CTA, and remember to use superly clickable words like “Get Started,” “Try,” and “Click.” Be honest with your customers and show them what you want the recipient to do, whether it’s making a purchase or visiting your website.

That’s one of the common ways that most marketers do to improve their conversion rates through SMS marketing.


If you’re wondering how timing can impact your conversion rates through SMS marketing, consider optimizing the delivery schedule based on your target audience’s preferences.

As mentioned earlier, gathering important information about your customers is crucial. For instance, understanding their active times is essential.

Look for the best time when your customer is most active, and consider time zones and industry norms when sending your text messages.

Also, set your SMS campaigns on specific events, like holidays, to increase your engagement during these periods. 

Exclusive Offers

Another thing that can affect your conversion rates through SMS marketing is offering exclusive deals. Limited-time offers can encourage recipients to take immediate action. To make this process more successful, assign exclusive discounts to make them feel valued. For example, if you’ve imported new products in limited quantities, notify subscribers and let them know that this special product will be available for a limited time. In other words, encourage them to act quickly.

Performance Tracking

Analytics tools like Google Analytics or built-in tools in your SMS marketing platform like WP SMS can provide valuable insights. For better results, conduct A/B testing to compare two versions of a campaign to determine which one performs better for you. Also, change some elements in your campaign, like message content, timing, or offers, to analyze the performance of different variations. This approach helps determine which method has the most conversion rates through SMS marketing.


In a world of e-commerce marketing with neck-to-neck competition, you must learn the beginner’s guide to SMS marketing WordPress

If you want to maximize your conversion rates through SMS marketing, you should know the basic rules. Like how you use analytics tools to track your performance, content message, or targeted audiences. These factors can determine your conversion rates. 

However, it takes time to achieve good results. In fact, regular monitoring and optimization are key to achieving sustained success in SMS marketing.

From now on, get started with the easiest marketing method, SMS marketing, to turn your users into loyal subscribers. To do this, just install WP SMS and add your SMS gateways. That’s it!

What is a good conversion rate for SMS marketing?

The average percentage conversion rate is 29%. But the higher, the better, indicating a more effective and impactful SMS marketing strategy.

What is a good CTR for SMS marketing?

Researches show that the average CTR for SMS with a unique link is almost 36%. To boost this number, ensure you craft a unique and compelling CTA with a concise message.

What is the average ROI of SMS marketing?

The average ROI of SMS marketing is nearly 500% return. In other words, it could be as high as $8.11 per message.