Utilizing SMS Marketing To Drive Traffic To Your WordPress Blog

In the highly competitive world of e-commerce marketing, if you want to stay ahead, you should learn how to drive traffic with SMS marketing. People tend to open and read text messages immediately instead of trying other forms of advertising. You might ask why. It’s obvious people use their mobiles all the time. Even if they’re not connected to any nearby Wi-Fi, they get your message anyway. 

Therefore, sending direct SMS/MMS to users everywhere and every time can significantly increase your chances of driving traffic to the website. If you’re not ready to dive into the advanced level of SMS marketing, let’s start with the beginner’s guide to SMS marketing WordPress first.

First, you should choose the right WordPress. The plugin should let you send multiple text messages to a variety of subscribers with customizable settings. WP SMS Pro is here to save you trouble and relieve you from searching. Let’s learn all the tactics to drive traffic with SMS marketing.

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6 Steps On How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Effectively

Drive traffic with SMS marketing

There are a few important ways that help you get more visitors to your website. It consists of some strategies both on-site and off-site. Here are the steps to drive traffic with SMS marketing.

Build A Subscriber List

Use user-friendly subscription forms on each part of your blog, especially in high-visibility parts like the homepage, website header, or at the end of the blog. It catches more attention and encourages visitors to insert their email addresses. Another effective strategy for building your subscriber list is offering incentives. Motivate visitors by providing discounts or notifying them about special events like Black Friday. However, using timed pop-ups can be useful in some cases.

Craft Compelling Messages

If you were to ask us the most effective way to encourage customers to read your entire text messages, we would say it’s by creating well-crafted and engaging messages. You can start it by creating headlines that spark curiosity. For instance, put your audience in a difficult situation and then show them how to get rid of it by following your solutions. Let’s put it this way: Imagine you are running an e-commerce business, and despite having quality products, your SMS marketing campaigns are not generating the expected results. 

In this case, you need to create personalized SMS for engagement and see how customized messages work better. Using concise and powerful Calls-to-Action (CTA) is the key to increasing the Click-Through Rate (CTR) and getting your audience to take the desired action. It could be purchasing, subscribing, or engaging with your content. 

Schedule Strategically

If you’ve constantly faced failures when trying to drive traffic with SMS marketing, you should check other metrics. Knowing your subscriber’s optimal timing is crucial, especially if you want to get their response. Look for the best time that your audience is most active, and then schedule your SMS marketing campaigns accordingly. 

For example, if they are active around midnight, consider sending them text messages during this time to receive the most engagement. However, you must establish regular SMS messages for your audiences to build anticipation and trust with them. 

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Personalized Content

SMS marketing is one of the easiest and most effective ways of marketing because of its outstanding results. Besides its affordability, you can see its open rate reaches around 98% within three minutes. That’s shocking, right?!

However, Personalized message plays an important role in this process. 

You should categorize your subscriber’s information based on behavior, preferences, and other personal details. Afterward, personalize your messages based on each segment’s interests to target the right user and increase engagement. Use automated items like welcome messages, confirmation messages, or thank-you messages after they complete their purchase.

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Track Performance

Track SMS campaign performance through WP SMS

Have you ever wondered why thousands of successful businesses rarely make mistakes, or their mistakes are simply small enough not to be highlighted? 

That’s the answer: they track their performance constantly, for example, their email campaign, SMS marketing, blog posts, and so more.  Analytics tools enable you to analyze your performance and assess how effectively you are running your marketing business. That’s one of the important ways to drive traffic with SMS marketing. 

For instance, if you’re consistently trying to get responses from your users but receive nothing in return, it could be that you’ve targeted the wrong audience.

If you’re a beginner, you can start by sending random content to a small group of people and see which content resonates with them. Also, remember to use the collected data to refine your approach and focus on new strategies specific to your business to get the best results.

Respect Privacy And Regulations

As we discussed, learning how to drive traffic with SMS marketing is essential, but you must consider some factors. First and foremost, you need to give the user space and let them choose what is best for them. Never force them to visit your shop or website by sending numerous text messages. Another thing that can ruin your marketing effort is exaggeration. 

Although embroidering upon the benefits of your products or services can be persuasive, crossing the line into exaggeration may lead to a loss of trust. Make sure to comply with regulations such as GDPR or CAN-SPAM. Besides explaining how subscribers’ information will be used or protected, it helps build their trust.


The most common question that every e-commerce may come up with is, ‘How to drive traffic with SMS marketing?’ However, after reading this article, you’ve realized how to do it correctly.

Before taking all these actions, you must choose the right and well-known platform that suits your business needs and goals. WP SMS Pro is one of the most reliable plugins that provides you with all the necessary features and supports over +300 gateways.

 Thanks to their full package and dedicated team, this plugin provides a comprehensive solution for your messaging needs. Here, read the installation guide article and get started with WP SMS Pro. Just consider to get your desired result you should be patient and persistently follow the recommended strategies we’ve mentioned.


How Do I Drive Traffic With SMS Marketing?

Craft compelling and meaningful messages and schedule them to be sent automatically to targeted audiences. Also, don’t forget to track your performance regularly.

Can I Increase Sales With SMS Marketing?

Absolutely yes. While the quality of your products or brand speaks first, you can boost your sales through text message marketing campaigns and drive traffic to your website.

What Is The Best SMS Marketing Strategy?

Many useful strategies can help you enhance your performance, including transactional messages, promotional alerts, and so more. Among them, the highly recommended one is personalizing SMS messages.