How To Use Personalized SMS Campaigns To Increase Engagement?

SMS marketing could be one of the smartest ways for businesses to turn users into loyal customers. But it totally depends on how you use it, particularly in case of personalized SMS for engagement. You may have noticed that most people prefer reading text messages instead of clicking links or opening their emails. So why not take this golden opportunity and use WP SMS Pro to improve your personalized SMS campaigns?

Personalization is the key to your standing-out messages, which help you target the right customer. In other words, it helps you create more meaningful messages and then increase engagement. That’s where you can be ahead of your competitors!

Let’s dive in and see how personalized SMS for engagement affects your marketing strategy and increases your responses.

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5 Tips On How To Personalized SMS Campaigns That Can Be An Effective Way To Increase Engagement

The SMS campaign is a marketing campaign that involves sending targeted and personalized text messages to a group of individuals. The point of sending this kind of SMS is to promote products and services or engage with users. It is recognized as a modern form of text marketing.

Let’s check five tips on personalized SMS for engagement.

  1. Connect Directly And Immediately 

If you’ve read the beginner’s guide to SMS marketing WordPress article, you can understand why SMS marketing is important in your overall marketing strategy.

The great advantage of using personalized SMS is communicating directly and immediately with customers. After sending text messages, you can be nearly certain that people will read your messages; if not, they will see the notifications, though.

However, in some cases, like limited-time offers, updates, new events, and many other urgent opportunities, you can easily send text messages. 

  1. Outstanding Results In Response Rates

Researchers have shown that personalized text messages have high open and response rates. In comparison to other forms of marketing, this method takes the lead in attracting more attention. If you’re wondering how, let us tell you text messages have about a 98% open rate, with 95% opening within three minutes.

  1. Affordable Way Of Marketing 

If you ask us about the most cost-effective marketing channel to promote your business, we would definitely say sending text messages. You can discover many benefits while using it, such as sending numerous texts to multiple people instantly, ensuring they receive your messages, and also getting their feedback. 

But that’s only if you use the right platform. If you’re searching for the perfect one, WP SMS Pro is knocking on your door. With it, you can now make powerful, high-quality messages to reach a broader audience.

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  1. High Level Of Engagement And Loyalty

Another cool thing about using personalized SMS for engagement? It helps build up customer loyalty. When customers choose a brand or shop, they prefer getting text messages from them rather than other forms of announcements. It helps them stay aware of any new events that come up. Over time, this turns them into loyal customers for your business.

  1. Competitive Advantage

Did you know that messaging can give you a competitive edge? About 65% find it super convenient. It means you can continuously send your clients SMS or MMS and be sure they’re more likely to engage with your business actively.

However, it’s rather easy to measure and analyze the results.

5 Ways The WP SMS Plugin Can Be Used To Create Personalized SMS Campaigns

WP SMS homepage

Until here, you’ve discovered how personalized SMS for engagement can significantly enhance your business performance. As we mentioned above, one of the brilliant features that makes personalized SMS special is providing subscribers with the most relevant information.

When you use a person’s name in your messages and mention their interests or special events, it helps persuade them more effectively when making offers.

That’s why we highly recommend using WP SMS Pro. With its user-friendly interface, WP SMS PRO makes this process incredibly efficient and straightforward.

Before diving into these steps, learn how to install WP SMS and get started with it.

How To Install WP SMS?

Here, we want to show you how to have successful SMS campaigns using WP SMS Pro.

Custom Fields

You can use custom fields to insert subscriber-specific information into your SMS messages. This part includes the subscriber’s name, phone number, recent purchase, and other additional details. Besides, you can store and use subscribers’ preferences to send personalized content based on their preferences. It helps create a more relevant experience.

Don’t forget to choose your SMS service provider and configure the SMS gateway settings within the WP SMS plugin. 


Categorize your subscriber’s information based on behavior, demographics, or preferences. It helps send personalized SMS to each segment and be certain the content resonates with the specific interests of each group. Also, this option is useful for businesses with multiple locations and branches to send location-specific messages or offers to subscribers.


WP SMS scheduled section

Set up your automated SMS campaigns for special events through WP SMS PRO. For instance, 

you can send a welcome SMS right after users have completed their purchase or joined the platform. Additionally, send them automated announcements to keep them informed about important events such as Black Friday, Holiday Season Sales, and Cyber Monday.

Integration with User Data

Did you know that WP SMS supports over 300 SMS gateways? Surprising, isn’t it?!

When you integrate the WP SMS Pro plugin with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, you can access all subscriber’s data. So, you’ll be informed by the latest user interactions which derived from your SMS campaigns.

It’s not over yet!

If you launch an e-commerce site, you need to integrate the WP SMS Pro plugin with your platform to access all necessary data, such as order history, product preferences, and abandoned carts.

A/B Testing

The last part of personalized SMS for engagement is A/B testing. To clarify the definition of A/B testing, it is the basic method of comparing two webpage versions to see which performs better than the other.

A/B testing helps analyze different content, calls-to-action (CTA), or timing to identify which is most relevant to your audience. To improve your SMS campaigns, you need to check some metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. By following those instructions, you can optimize your approach.


In most cases, personalized SMS for engagement is the key to successful strategies in SMS marketing. As you can see, sending personalized text messages based on customers’ preferences can help you in many ways. For example, you don’t need to waste your time preparing lots of text messages for every subscriber.

All you need to do is create automated personalized campaign items like discount coupons, welcome messages, and confirmation messages. Then, you use specific messages according to the audience’s interests and deliver them to each group of the targeted audience.

Please keep in mind not to exceed sending numerous SMS/MMS messages to users.


How Can I Personalize My SMS Marketing?

Insert information such as names, phone numbers, birthdays, locations, and other personal details into your SMS message. Make sure that your text message is based on subscribers’ interests and includes all the things they care about and like.

How Do I Run an SMS Campaign?

Use the right platform, like WP SMS Pro. Then, build your subscribers list and create meaningful messages by containing their names and other personal information. After that, pick the right time to send these messages to targeted audiences.

Are Personalized SMS Campaigns Effective?

Absolutely. According to the latest data, the average response rate for SMS is around 45%.

That’s why personalized SMS for engagement remains one of the most pivotal strategies in SMS marketing.