New WP SMS 6.5 Update: Expanded SMS Delivery Options

We’re thrilled to roll out the latest update to WP SMS – version 6.5. This update is focused on providing practical, straightforward solutions for your SMS delivery needs. With three new SMS delivery methods, we’re enhancing how you manage your SMS campaigns to be more effective and responsive to your specific requirements.

Direct API Dispatch: Immediate Action With ‘Direct API Dispatch’, your messages are sent as soon as they’re created. This is essential for urgent messages that need to be received promptly. It’s the go-to method for alerts that must be delivered right away.

Async API Call: Timed Messaging The ‘Async API Call’ option allows you to plan when your messages are sent. This is useful for messages that are best received at certain times, like reminders for appointments or regular notifications that need to go out at the same time each week.

Queued API Processing: Smart Handling for Bulk Messages For those sending messages in large numbers, ‘Queued API Processing’ will be invaluable. This method queues your messages and sends them out in batches, which is more efficient for the system and better for handling many messages at once. If you have a list of more than 20 recipients, the system will choose this method automatically, making it easier to manage large campaigns.

Control and Flexibility for Your Messaging Needs These new delivery methods are about giving you control and flexibility. Whether you’re dispatching a few messages to a select group or thousands across a broad audience, WP SMS 6.5 is designed to cater to your needs, offering a suitable option for every situation.

Reliable Integration for Your Messaging Campaigns WP SMS 6.5 integrates with your current systems without fuss and provides a reliable foundation for your messaging campaigns. We are dedicated to offering a platform that is dependable and supports your communication goals.

Upgrade to WP SMS 6.5 Now Take advantage of these new features by updating to WP SMS 6.5. If you have any questions or need help with the new features, our customer support team is here to assist you.

We’re eager to see how you will use these new options to improve your messaging campaigns. Here’s to more effective communication!