What Are the Most Important Metrics to Track for SMS Campaigns?

If you’ve heard about the value of SMS campaigns and their benefits for businesses, then you’ll be looking for the best metrics to track SMS campaigns. If you’re asking yourself why it matters, we should say it helps to evaluate your performance, refine your strategies, and achieve your marketing goal. In this case, one fundamental method that should be considered is increasing conversion rates through SMS marketing.

Metrics like conversion and response rates clearly show how engaged your audiences are with your SMS messages. If you’re consistently encountering challenges in attracting more audiences or converting your visitors into loyal customers, perhaps there’s something wrong.

At best, you retain visitors; at worst, you miss out on growth opportunities!

Let’s dive in and explore the best metrics to track SMS campaigns.

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Key Metrics To Track For Your SMS Campaigns

best metrics to track SMS campaigns

E-commerce marketers believe SMS marketing is the most affordable way to connect with customers and increase sales. Additionally, it gets a higher ROI compared to other channels.

SMS marketing ROI refers to your return on investment. It’s how much you gain compared to what you spent at the beginning of your SMS marketing. Now, let’s see the best metrics to track SMS campaigns that every e-commerce business should track to improve its strategy and maximize its ROI. 

Delivery Rate

The delivery rate measures the number of successful messages delivered to the intended recipients compared to those that were failed or blocked. If it gets low over time, it indicates many issues, such as:

  • Your messages were sent to invalid numbers or non-existent numbers.
  • The carrier or recipient has blocked your messages.
  • The receiver uses a don’t disturb service.

To prevent these issues and improve your performance, categorize your recipients and separate them from inactive or invalid numbers. Additionally, avoid sending repeated SMS messages to subscribers, as it may trigger spam filters.

Open Rate

There are two possible conditions when you send users SMS messages: recipients may either open your messages or choose not to. You can easily measure the open rate by dividing the number of opened messages by the total number of delivered messages. A high open rate can result in effective copy and timing, showing that your content is interesting enough to catch the user’s attention. 

However, a low number of them indicates you need to change your tactics in order to improve your list segmentation. If you’re looking for a way to refine your strategy, try these methods below:

Click-Through Rate

CTR, or Click-Through Rate, is calculated by dividing the number of people who click on a specific advertisement through a link within your text message by the number of people who open it. However, SMS campaign links can be CTA, exclusive offers, or product sections.

By tracking the click-through rate, you can determine whether your SMS/MMS is effective enough to attract more customers and encourage them to take action.

 A high click-through rate indicates your links and calls to action are compelling, and your audiences engage with them.

To improve, you can follow these workarounds below:

  • Use shorter link URLs.
  • Optimize your SEO content.
  • Generate clear and compelling calls to action.
  • Highlight important points and use bulleted and numbered lists.

Unsubscribe Rate

One of the best metrics to track SMS campaigns is the unsubscribe rate. You can track the number of subscribers who unsubscribed from your text message list over time.

It helps you figure out how many customers are satisfied with the text messages received from you. While sending meaningful content to subscribers is an effective way to elicit responses, doing it repeatedly can lead to unsubscribing.

There are two reasons why users unsubscribe you:

  • They receive too many messages from you (73%)
  • They receive the same messages several times (69%) 
  • They get meaningless content messages

Conversion Rate

We want to introduce one of the best metrics to track SMS campaigns, which helps you analyze every performance of your business. Besides, it’s one of the greatest ways to drive traffic with SMS marketing. Conversion rates refer to the number of purchases, desired actions, or other conversions from SMS message campaigns. To calculate this metric, divide the number of people who performed an action by the total audience of the ad.

An increasing conversion rate percentage indicates that you’re successfully driving customers to make purchases from you. To improve this metric, try using more compelling and concise CTAs, giving out Limited-time offers, choosing the best time your customer is active, and more. 

Return On Investment

If you’re asking what other best metrics to track SMS campaigns, we should mention this one.

We explained the ROI definition above; it measures the pure profit generated by text message campaigns compared to the costs you pay in the first place.

Now, let’s see how to measure this metric. 

Return On Investment: subtract the total cost of sending SMS messages from the total revenue generated by your SMS campaign program. The average return on investment is over $5 for every dollar. Increasing ROI shows you’re driving more sales to your e-commerce business. Therefore, if you want to adjust your content message to improve this metric, you should try targeting the right audience and experimenting with different promotional channels.

List Growth Rate

The list growth rate is the last item on the best metrics to track SMS campaigns. Through this metric, you can track the number of new subscribers who recently joined your text message list over time. In other words, it displays an ascending chart of your SMS message list. You can easily calculate it by subtracting the number of new subscribers from the number of unsubscribes and dividing the result by the total number of text messages in the list. 

If you’ve noticed, there are many ways to boost your list growth rate:

  • Offer additional bonus content
  • Consider special offers for those subscribers who share your text messages with others or those who promote your text messages in other marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.


These seven essential metrics, called the best metrics to track SMS campaigns, enable you to analyze your business performance. Personalizing your content, setting your SMS campaigns for intended deadlines, segmenting your subscribers, and other solutions can help you optimize engagement, boost conversion rates, and so on. Honestly, what’s important is being clear to your customers and trying to understand them. That’s why we recommend every business to explore the beginner’s guide to SMS marketing WordPress for the initial steps. 

Once you recognize the value of all these metrics, you’ll be on your way to achieving infinite progress. So, begin with WP SMS Pro for a professional experience with user-friendly features and a reliable platform. This popular plugin lets you track your performance using the best metrics for SMS campaigns.


How To Measure The Effectiveness Of SMS Campaign?

All you have to do is measure key metrics such as delivery rate, unsubscribe rate, conversion rate, ROI, list growth rate, open rate, and CTR. Additionally, explore other methods to determine which metrics align best with your business goals.

Can I Boost My Sales Through Tracking SMS Marketing Metrics?

Certainly! Every detail in your business flow is crucial and can determine your destiny in terms of increasing or decreasing sales.

What Is The Most Important Metric To Track In Advertising?

While monitoring each key metric in SMS marketing is essential, ROI could be considered the most crucial. It’s obvious because it reveals your current pure profit and revenue relative to what you’ve spent on SMS messages in the first place.