SMS Marketing Best Strategies & Practices In 2024

SMS Marketing Best Strategies

How do you explain SMS marketing best practices? Is it enough to rely solely on some of the top SMS marketing strategies? These are common questions that come to every marketer’s mind. The best SMS marketing strategies aim to increase conversion rates, open rates, click-through rates (CTR), opt-in and opt-out rates, and response rates. 

At first glance, it might seem easy—just communicating with users through text messages. However, there are many aspects hidden within it that must be considered. 

For instance, analyzing an SMS campaign for the blog can show you how effectively your business attracts more customers and convinces them to make purchases.

The main part of SMS marketing plans is summarized in user experience and engagement.

It means catching each of them requires personalized messaging, interactive content, timely promotions, exclusive deals, two-way communication, instant customer support, and more.

If you’re curious to learn some SMS marketing best practices, this article is for you.

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Top 8 SMS Marketing Best Practices

SMS marketing best practices

While learning SMS marketing tips is the first step to running a successful campaign, exploring various methods to ensure continuous progress and success is essential. That’s why every marketer should know the best metrics to track SMS campaigns

Let’s get started with eight effective text message marketing practices.

  1. Reach The Customer’s Consent

Imagine yourself as a customer who subscribed to a brand early on. If you constantly receive SMS messages from the brand’s team, you’ll likely become frustrated over time and prefer not to receive them. In this case, it’s important to have the customer’s permission to send text messages and then perform other actions.

You may be curious about the consequences of not adhering to this rule. Failure to get consent from customers can lead to them flagging a company’s messages as spam. To prevent this risk, you must start a meaningful conversation that aligns with the customer’s beliefs and interests. This is also the best and most effective approach to drive traffic through SMS marketing.

  1. Use Simple And Short Text Messages

If you look deeper you can see how short and simple SMS messages can effectively raise the number of open rates. People prefer to read short, focused texts on a single concept rather than long paragraphs of meaningless content. So if you want to get the best results, focus on a single purpose, maintain a unique voice, and keep sentences to a maximum of 20 words. 

Also, remember not to exaggerate, as if you’re trying too hard to persuade them to visit your products. Once you follow these tips, you can see how significantly you could boost your conversion rates through SMS marketing.

  1. Provide Unique Offers

“On a snowy day, amidst the enchanting Christmas season, what could lift your spirits more than a steaming cup of coffee? Now, make the most of the opportunity to enjoy 30% off on our coffee maker machine and savor the magic of the holidays to the fullest!” 

This message was a sample for you to show how offering users unique promo or discount codes can encourage them to perform desired actions.

Consider exclusive offers, especially for those subscribers who love your brand and are eagerly seeking an opportunity to sign up through your SMS message links. To achieve better results in SMS marketing best practices, ensure to offer unique discount codes for different events such as Christmas holidays, Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, and more.

  1. Consider Present 

SMS messages represent a form of real-time communication between you and a subscriber. When selecting a topic to send to a specific customer, it’s essential to consider current events.

For example, your messages shouldn’t include things a month away or irrelevant subjects.

This metric is also essential and recognized as one of the SMS marketing best practices.

  1. Relevant Events

Marketer teams should run automated SMS campaigns for various events and holidays to send specific messages. These text messages should include links to gift suggestions or scheduling appointments. It’s better to say you should build relevant scenarios for each customer that offer a range of mobile touchpoints.

 Personalized SMS for engagement plays a key role in driving more website traffic, particularly during events. To enhance SMS marketing best practices, you can use reliable third-party apps or plugins that enable you to create automated SMS campaigns and send them to your target customers.

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  1. Categorize Your Audiences 

Each customer has unique characteristics, and it’s important to understand their interests in detail. That’s why you should segment your subscribers’ information based on behavior, demographics, frequent vs. one-time buyers, or preferences.

Then you can build a subscriber list that includes their phone number, location, common interests, and more. This would help you send your SMS/MMS to the right audiences.

  1. Avoid using irrelevant text 

When it comes to SMS marketing best practices, you should be cautious in crafting messages with specified purposes. It means you must avoid sending text messages that would redirect a customer to another website. People who are not familiar with your brand or haven’t heard from your business may mistake your messages for phishing spam. They’re more likely to report those SMS messages that seem junk. 

  1. Use Multichannel Strategy

SMS marketing best practices don’t end up with sending text messages to customers through WordPress plugins. As a business, you should integrate it into various marketing strategies used for communicating with customers. A multichannel strategy is used to facilitate communication across various channels, such as social media and email.

Additionally, it helps promote brand loyalty and expand your business presence across these channels. That’s where your organization can interact with clients smoothly and your SMS marketing strategy will be more effective.


While the SMS marketing best practices extend beyond the tips we’ve mentioned, new strategies may emerge over time. That’s what we call the future of SMS marketing. Besides all those methods you be creative in creating compelling content. For instance, capitalizing essential words to highlight them, using automated replies, and using emojis to make a message more relatable. 

However, creative messages like the Black Friday sale announcement can lead to increased read and response rates. Keep in mind to update your strategies monthly to ensure they are still effective or identify areas for improvement.


How Can I Reach SMS Marketing Best Practices?

By following these methods including reaching the customer’s consent, using simple and short text messages, providing unique offers, considering present, relevant events, categorizing your audiences 

avoid using irrelevant text. 

How To Increase Sales With SMS Marketing?

You can Increase sales with SMS marketing by personalizing messages, offering exclusive deals, and sending timely reminders. Additionally, learning SMS marketing rules and tips can help in engaging with more users.