Keep up to date with WP SMS v6.2.0

We are happy to announce the availability of WP SMS v6.2.0, which is filled with brand-new features, improvements, and critical fixes. This update significantly enhances a number of the plugin’s components, delivering a faster and more effective experience for our users.

One of the key improvements is the updated and cleaned up components, including major ones, which optimize the plugin’s performance and enhance its stability. Additionally, we have enhanced the styles of the SMS Newsletter form, providing a more visually appealing and user-friendly interface.

Another notable enhancement is the upgraded SMS Notification Metabox, offering better functionality and improved management of notifications. We have also implemented a system to effectively display admin notices, ensuring important messages are conveyed to administrators promptly.

We are thrilled to introduce some exciting additions in this update. Firstly, we have integrated a Feedback button powered by FeedbackBird! in the admin area, allowing users to easily provide their valuable feedback, suggestions, and comments.

Furthermore, we have implemented a Nonce feature, enabling the convenient unsubscribing of a number via URL. This gives users more control over their subscription preferences.

In response to user feedback, we have introduced new actions, namely wp_sms_send_request_body and wp_sms_api_send_sms_arguments, providing developers with additional customization options and flexibility.

Expanding the functionality of the SMS newsletter, we have enabled support for subscribing to Multiple Groups, empowering users to manage their subscriptions more effectively.

Excitingly, we have integrated three new SMS gateways – Micron, SignalAds, and ProSmsDk, offering more choices and options for users when sending SMS messages.

For WooCommerce users, we have included some notable additions. We now support a new variable, %coupon_name%, in WooCommerce Pro add-on coupon notifications, allowing for personalized and dynamic coupon messages. Additionally, we have introduced support for new variables, %order_view_url%, %order_cancel_url%, and %order_received_url% in WooCommerce order notifications, enhancing the overall communication experience.

This update also addresses important fixes, including resolving the issue of duplicate SMS sending during post updates, ensuring a seamless and error-free process.

Lastly, we have updated Gateways DirectSend, Oxemis, and to their latest versions, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance with these gateways.

We encourage all WP SMS users to update to the latest version, v6.2.0, to take advantage of these exciting new features, improvements, and fixes. We are committed to continuously enhancing the plugin and providing the best experience for our valued users.

Stay tuned for more updates and new features in future releases. Happy SMS messaging with WP SMS v6.2.0!