WP SMS Gets an Upgrade to V6.1: What’s New?

We wanted to share with you the significant modifications that have been made with the release of the most recent version of our WP SMS Plugin.

Some of the improvements are:

  • Performance
  • User interface
  • OTP functionality and

Our plugins, including WP SMS, WP SMS Pro, WP SMS Woocommerce Pro, and WP SMS Two-Way, have all been upgraded. As a result, you can anticipate better overall functioning and dependability.

To give our users a more streamlined experience, we’ve also eliminated redundant functions and improved resource usage. This also implies that the plugin runs more smoothly and without as many problems.

The User Interface has also been enhanced, making it simpler and more user-friendly. You’ll discover that using the plugin and accessing its features is now easier, and there are fewer obstacles in the way of maximizing its potential.

The OTP (One-Time Password) functionality, which has been expanded, is one significant area of improvement. This implies that you may anticipate improved security and authentication capabilities, assuring the safe and secure delivery of your messages.

The Mobile verification in the WooCommerce checkout function has been moved to the WooCommerce Pro Add-On, which is a plugin that adds advanced features to WooCommerce, a popular e-commerce platform for WordPress. This feature adds an additional layer of security to the checkout process by requiring customers to verify their mobile phone numbers before completing their orders. This can help reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions and improve customer trust and satisfaction.

In addition to the Mobile verification in WooCommerce checkout function, the WooCommerce Pro Add-On includes features such as Login with Mobile in WordPress default form, which allows users to log in using their mobile phone number, and Login with Mobile in WooCommerce my-account form, which enables customers to log in to their accounts on the WooCommerce store using their mobile phone number.

The plugin has also undergone a number of optimizations to make it operate more effectively and efficiently. As a result, you may do more tasks in less time and count on the plugin to produce the desired outcomes.

All things considered, we’re excited to share these upgrades with you and think they’ll significantly improve the usability, dependability, and performance of the WP SMS Plugin. We sincerely hope you enjoy the updated functions and features, and as usual, we value your comments and recommendations.