Use Popup to Enhance SMS Subscriber Collection using WP SMS in WordPress

Are you looking for an effective way to collect customer information for your SMS newsletter? Look no further than using a Popup with the WP SMS plugin. With just a few clicks, you can create and customize a Popup on your WordPress website that collects customer information for your SMS newsletter.

This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating and implementing a Popup SMS subscriber collection form on your WordPress website using the WP SMS plugin.

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Using Shortcode

Using the shortcode provided by the WP SMS plugin, you can easily add a subscription form to your Popup and customize the fields to collect the information you need. Not only will this increase the number of subscribers to your SMS newsletter, but it also allows you to send targeted offers and promotions, ultimately boosting sales for your business.

[wp_sms_subscriber_form title="SMS Newsletter" description="" fields="age:Enter Your Age|country:Enter Your Country"]

This shortcode will create a form that allows customers to subscribe to your SMS newsletter by entering their information. The “fields” option allows you to add custom fields to the form, such as age and country. Each field should be separated by a “|” character.

Using Plugins for Popup

To create the popup, you can use a WordPress Popup plugin. Some popular options include:

How to create the WP SMS newsletter Popup

Here we will be using the “WP Popup” plugin as an example to show you how to create the popup and set it up with the shortcode for the SMS newsletter form. You can use any other plugin but just make sure it’s compatible with your website.

Follow the steps below:

  • Download the WP Popups plugin from the WordPress plugin repository and activate it on your website.
  • Go to the WP Popups section in your WordPress dashboard and click on Add New to create a new popup.
  • Give your popup a name and select the Blank Template option.
WP popups template choosing
  • Choose the text view and paste the shortcode.
  • Customize the fields you want to include on the form, such as age and country.
WP popups content filling
  • Click on Publish to make the popup live on your website.
  • Test the popup on your website to make sure it is working properly and collecting customer information as expected.
WP SMS Subscriber form

Now, your website has a WP SMS Newsletter form as a popup that is ready to collect customer information for your SMS newsletter.

What are the benefits of using an SMS newsletter subscription Popup?

An SMS newsletter subscription popup form allows you to collect customer information and send targeted SMS newslettersappointment remindersorder confirmations, and more. SMS has a high open rate and it’s a personal and direct way to communicate with customers. By using SMS newsletters, you can inform customers of new productsspecial promotions, and upcoming events, which can drive more sales for your business. Additionally, you can also send targeted discount offers to specific groups of subscribers based on their interests and demographics.

You can also visit the article on Adding a WP SMS Subscriber Form in WordPress for more information on the shortcode and other ways to add the form.