Important Note Before Updating To WP-SMS-Pro v3.2.1

In the previous version, It was a mistake on plugin naming, the pro pack name always should be wp-sms-pro, but It released to wp-sms-pro-v3.2 then caused to disable the pro pack’s features on the setting page, then here are the solutions before updating to the new version which fixes the naming issue as well.

1. Upgrade Manually

Please disable and then delete wp-sms-pro-v3.2 on your WordPress, then get the latest version from your account and install that.

2. Renaming the Plugin

You can also rename the current plugin name from wp-sms-pro-v3.2 to wp-sms-pro, then try to update the plugin to the new version without any problem.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!