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New Pricing Plan in April 2022!

In response to market changes, we are updating WP SMS Pro pricing and adjusting plans and pricing. The subscription plan will be released in the second week of April. We strive to provide the best quality products and services to our customers to ensure their satisfaction. Like always, we do our best to deliver the […]

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New version of WP SMS WordPress Plugin

WP SMS Pro v2.4.0

WP SMS Pro v2.4.0 is ready! Let’s check what changes this version offers: 1. Choose a field to get the mobile numbers A new option of choosing the field from which numbers can be taken and sending messages to these numbers is added to the Woo Commerce checkout page. Numbers can be taken from the […]

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Important Note Before Updating To WP SMS Pro v3.2.1

The pro pack name always should be “wp-sms-pro”, but it was released as “wp-sms-pro-v3.2”, which caused the pro pack’s features to be disabled on the settings page. The following solutions should be used before updating to the new version, which also fixes the naming error: 1. Upgrade Manually Please disable and then delete wp-sms-pro-v3.2 on […]

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