Customize Scheduled Cronjob Interval with ‘wp_sms_pro_scheduled_interval’

Updated on Jan 09, 2023


The WP SMS plugin includes a filter called “wp_sms_pro_scheduled_interval” that allows you to modify the interval of the scheduled cronjob. By default, the interval is set to 5 minutes, but the “wp_sms_pro_scheduled_interval” filter allows you to change it to 1 minute. This filter can be useful if you want to increase the frequency of the cronjob or if you need the cronjob to run more frequently for a specific purpose.


add_filter('wp_sms_pro_scheduled_interval', 'modifyScheduledInterval');

 * @param $interval int
 * @return int
function modifyScheduledInterval($interval)
    $interval = 1 * 60;

    return $interval;