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Elementor Integrations

Integrating WP SMS with Elementor allows you to add an SMS subscriber form to your Elementor pages. The guide outlines steps to create a subscriber group in WP SMS and then use Elementor's shortcode feature to embed the SMS subscriber form on your desired page. This integration enables easy collection of mobile numbers for SMS updates, enhancing interaction on your Elementor-built website.

Setup SMS Form in Elementor Setup SMS Form in Elementor


Adding a WP SMS subscriber form to your WordPress site with Gutenberg is straightforward. The guide explains different methods like using Gutenberg blocks, widgets, shortcodes, or PHP functions to add an SMS subscriber form. This allows you to collect visitors' mobile numbers for SMS notifications and updates, enhancing engagement on your website.

Contact Form 7

Easily connect WP SMS with Contact Form 7 to send SMS messages when your forms are submitted. The setup is quick: just turn on the SMS Notification feature in Contact Form 7 and choose to send texts to either specific numbers, groups, or a number provided in the form. This lets you keep in touch with your audience right from your website.

Set Up Contact Form 7 SMS Set Up Contact Form 7 SMS



Easily link WP SMS with Gravity Forms to send SMS messages when forms are filled out. It's simple: just activate the feature and set it up to text specific numbers or use a number from the form. This way, you keep your audience updated through texts from your website.

Looking for another integration?

If you're looking for another type of integration with WP SMS that hasn't been covered, we're here to help! Let us know your needs and we'll work to provide a solution. Reach out to us on our Contact Page.

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