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WP SMS Pro v2.4.0

WP SMS Pro v2.4.0 is ready! Let’s check what changes this version offers:

1- Choose a field to get the mobile numbers
A new option of choosing the field from which numbers can be taken and sending messages to these numbers is added in the Woo Commerce checkout page. Numbers can be taken from the field you choose.

2- Login to the website with your mobile without any difficulty
This option is optimized, and its problems have been solved. You can log in to your website with your mobile easily.

3- New variables are added to Woo Commerce SMS
You can send messages with more variables in the new version.

4 Some Libraries and SDKs are updated
For more information, visit the changelog page.

5- New gateways!
New gateways are added in this version, such as Twilio, Moceansms, Clickatell, Mobily, and Plivo. Note that Bulk SMS sending is possible by Twilio in the new version (with limitations).

WP SMS Version 4.1.0

The new version has come out! In the new version you can see the following changes:

1- Don’t Worry About GDPR Compliance, We’re Ready!

In this version you see that tools are added to make WP SMS in full compliance with GDPR. According to GDPR, data subjects have the right to ask for erasing, or getting a backup of their data.  We have added a field where you can enter the user’s mobile number to erase or export their data.

2 – Send SMS to different user roles

Need to tell your authors to stop posting? Or send a message to admins? In the new version not only can you send SMS to users as before, but also you can send messages to different user roles.

3- New Gateways Are Added To This Version

We care about our users and their customers. We’ve added several gateways which our users want them. If you are a gateway provider which your customers need your gateway to be added to our list, contact us.

4- Multi-Sites (Network) can be installed in the new version

The new version is compliant with the multi-site feature. It means that you can use the plugin if you’re using the multi-site feature.

5- Some issues are resolved

Issues are resolved, and you can see the complete list of changes in the changelog.