License Problems & How to Fix Them

According to our users, sometimes they encounter some problems while installing WP-SMS. Here we have gathered all of the most common challenges you may face with activating your license key.

What Is the License Key & Where to Find It?

The license key is for access to automatic updates and the support center. To get the license, please go to your account.

Disabled License Field

The license key field might be disabled. To resolve this issue:

– Make sure you have installed the latest version of WP-SMS. You can get it from your account.

– You should install and enable both of the plugins: “WP-SMS” and “WP-SMS-Pro.”

– Check out to know how to install them:

– Please make sure your plugin’s file name is correct.

  • The free version: wp-sms
  • The pro version: wp-sms-pro

To rename the files and fix this issue:

  • Upgrade Manually: Please disable and then delete wp-sms-pro-v3.2 on your WordPress, then get the latest version from your account and install that.
  • Rename the Plugin: You can also rename the current plugin name from wp-sms-pro-v3.2 to wp-sms-pro and then update the plugin to the new version without any problem.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Cannot Activate the License

Check out a couple of things:

  • Your license is activated somewhere else please note that if your single site license is already activated on another domain, you cannot activate it on your new domain. So make sure it is not activated anywhere else.
  • Your server PHP is lower than the minimum required version WP-SMS is fully compatible with PHP version 7.3. If your PHP version is lower than 7.3 then the license activation process may fail.
  • Problems in connecting to our servers make sure our servers and IP addresses are not blocked by a firewall or security plugin on your server. To check it out, contact your host provider and make sure this is not the case for you. If it caused the problem, ask them to whitelist the following address

Deactivated License

  1. Make sure the CURL is enabled on your PHP server. you can check through Tools > Site Health
  2. Disable all the third-party plugins, then go to the wp-sms-pro page and update the license. If this resolved the issue, you need to activate the plugins one by one and check to see if the problem occurs again at each step until the trouble-making plugin is found.

Transfer the License?

The license is intended to be activated on one domain at a time. But it is possible to transfer it if you have changed your main domain. Whenever you want to do that, you can ask us.

Activate License on Multiple Domains

Activating your license on more than one website depends on the license you get. If it is for a single site, then you can use it only on one domain. In case you have more than one domain and need to use WP-SMS for all of them, there are some other plans for you: 2-5 sites and unlimited sites.

Use One License Key Across All Network/Multisite

You can use your license key on WordPress Multisite Network.

Use One License Key on Subdomains

There are no limits and you can use your license key on your subdomains as well.